Thursday, May 2, 2013

pretzels and bagels

Maybe I'm doing it wrong but so far I can't say I get either pretzels or bagels.
   Coffee this morning coming to you from the Empire State Building. Just Starbucks on the ground floor. No way I'd get into that lift. Freaks me out just looking up at the building. Macy's, the biggest department store in the world is over catty corner, DSO that's why I'm here. Coming up from the subway with commuters it is my first taste of that NY I imagined - total noise and action on all levels with a smell of traffic and coffee.

Then right on the crazy corner is a triangle of a park with trees and tubs of tulips and there is this wee island of peace and calm in the chaos and crowds.

So I'm thinking, sell my house, rent a studio here and just become an over stayer. One of Heike's neighbours in San Fran did that 22 years ago and got amnesty after a decade.  I'd have curtail my shopping though. I had an enormous slice of pizza the other night loaded with vegetables for 3.50. So you could live on that I'm sure.

Shop shop shop, just got a wool jumper in Macy's for 17.  Seventeen dollars U S.

In shops they ask where are from, and I ask them how they find it living here. 'Well miss, I reckon on this being just the best place on this earth, you hearing me?' I hearing you!

By the way, in this prime location just over the road is one of the research libraries in the NYPL. And the main branch is just up the road if I can tear myself away from the shopping.

I love that every department store has its own WiF and usually an app. You swipe the qr code to download the app that tells you about all the special deals and new arrivals.

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  1. loving the app option :) glad to see you finally started the shop shop part of the trip! This is the blog i've been waiting for. Sounds like yr having a ball!