Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nice idea

This is something I saw at the New York Public Library shop (you can buy online here, check out some of the cute things for children!). The shop is staffed by volunteers, and all profits go to supporting the collections.

The sign in front on the blackboard at the entry says "Keep Calm and Read On".

On the side window is this feature wall 'NYPL Reads 2013'. You can take one of the preprinted slips of paper - What I'm reading now', and fill it in. Most people hadded their names and some had drawn little doodles or illustrations of the book they added.

Lots of visitors were stopping to look at what others had added to the board. The book I was reading at the time was Claire Messud, The emporer's children. A very NY post 9/11 novel. The author was doing a free talk at Borders that evening about her latest book, The woman upstairs.

You can what NYPL shoppers are reading now on these lists - e.g. adult fiction top ten

Because the Main library attracts so many tourists and visitors, they have a good selection of activity books and readers for kids that are about New York. The second listed title here, Library Lion, is a picture book we have in our Kidzone collection.

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