Saturday, May 4, 2013


Right around about the time of that loo queue experience I fell out love with the city. But it was just exhaustion and I was twitchy with tiredness. Another sort of line sorted me out. Saturday morning breakfast at Chelsea Market and a stroll along the High Line and I'm good again even to wait in the loo line at the Broadway branch of SStarbucks. Another day another queue.

I just needed some greenery, gardens and water views. Even though you don't really escape the crowds it is a space to bring a smile back and put a bounce in your step.

 It has to be one of the best public urban spaces ever.  Brings a fresh perspective to the whole environment and puts me back in love. We have a good book in the collection at 974.71 DAV The High Line: the inside story of New York City's park in the sky.

A quick subway ride and I'm back on home ground in Soho.
Soho is all buildings like this with designer shops at street level

Here's a trend for you, it had to happen, Campers are doing twin shoes. A pair with each a different color way. You heard first here. So two pairs of Converse sneakers but wear one of each, one foot orange and the other pink. You hearin' me? Then a summer dress and a denim jacket. Or tiny frayed shorts with a cropped t shirt and that denim jacket over.. And those would be the platform sneakers.

Each branch of Starbucks must generate a truck load of garbage every day. I have not had a drink in a real mug or cup all week.

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  1. I'd love to see the photos of those sneakers!