Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Etched on the glass of the revolving door into the NewYork Public Library are the words 'Find the Future'. Which is just right for an imposing and historical building.

Patience or Fortitude? One of those library lions...

Find the Future

Outside the steps are packed with workers taking their lunch breaks in the sun on what might be the first real summery day of the year. Elsewhere in the country they are having snowstorms today. I said my hellos to the Library Lions whose names as you know know are Patience and Fortitude.  The visitors desk in the long is staffed by volunteers.  The lady who spoke to me is a retired teacher. She comes about 18 days every month and she says she skips home every time, she loves it so muc. There are real staff in the lobby too- they wear black t-shirts that say STAFF on the back and NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARIES on the front in yellow and they have ID cards on lanyards.

The library shop is packed and the sign at the door reminds us that all profits go to support services.

Blackboard sign - Keep Calm and Read On

I was so absorbed in the shop that I missed the 2.00 tour so I'll have to come back tomorrow. Duh.
What she was also doing when she forgot to join the tour - another cup of tea

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