Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On tour

The Best of Turkey tour began with a walk around the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. There are nine of us in the group, all Australians apart from one Canadian and one American. One token male. Our lovely guide is Suleymon of the Long Eyelashes.

Keep up, and don't lose the group

Ok, where did my group go? Getting lost in the Grand Bazaar

The gardens of the Topkapi Palace are being prepared for a tulip festival in April

Not much left of the Hippodrome. This is the King Wilhelm Fountain

Plenty of selfie sticks in the Blue Mosque. Mine is called Helen

A strong police presence everywhere, including inside the mosque. 

Spot the redhead. Helen looking at the selection of dried fruits in a shop in the Egyptian Market, the Spice Bazaar.  

I'm not going to take my laptop with me for the next two weeks, so dear readers you'll have to live without news of my daily feasting and frolicing.

Meantime although my photos do not do any justice, here are a couple of images from the Hagia Sofia.


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