Monday, March 7, 2016

Daily worship

The call to prayer, before dawn and after dusk and in between, echoing in stereo from multiple locations 
There are so many temples, mosques and shrines around George Town and they are very much part of everyday life. They also support a variety of businesses, including a shop that sells all sorts of life-size cardboard replicas - polo shirts, silk cheongsams, luggage, computers - to be burnt as offerings to the spirits.
Branding is all cardboard Burberry shoes 

The spirits get real offerings too; incense of course, oil to burn in the lanterns, garlands of fresh flowers, and dishes of favorite foods. 

Indian deities

Guess what was this ancestor's favorite thing?

Big alters

and little ones

Angry demons
and ornate gods

Turmeric and rose petals scattered in the street outside Karaikudi (one of my favorite places to eat)

Ancestor tablets

Spaces redolent with incense

and spaces in between shopping malls and blocks of condos

Engaging all the senses and co-existing in harmony,

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