Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday in Kuala Lumpur

Sunny Sunday. The temperature went up to 38 degrees, but I walked most of the day and it wasn't too uncomfortable. I vaguely followed the Little India walk set out in the Lonely Planet. Colonial architecture, and chi chi silk shops blasting tinny asia-pop.

Past several consulates. Australia has a High Commission, NZ has...

I walked to those towers - and back!
Most Malay women have taken to wearing a headscarf, many are also covering part of their face.

I went to the Islamic Arts Museum which is a lovely space and has the best gift shop. Not headscarves, but lots of handcrafts as well as Islamic art. I bought a pashmina for the train trip tomorrow. I loved the calligraphy and book arts. 

Still walking, I finally found the craft market which is near my hotel. It is located in the old Pasar Seni building. 

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