Sunday, February 28, 2016

Edelweiss Cafe, George Town Heritage zone

Anya pointed out this little German-speaking cafe and I dropped in to have a fruit juice -
dragon fruit, kiwi and beetroot. 

Courtyard in the light well, with a library of books on local history and architecture

When he saw me taking photos, the man behind the bar at the Edelweiss Cafe suggested I might to take a look around upstairs. It turns out there is a little museum up there. Deb, there were several little slippers for bound feet. My photography was not very successful but I think the story is obvious. I really do like my size 39 feet. Foot binding was outlawed 103 years ago but there may be still some women alive in China who did it in hope of a better life.

 The upper level around the light well.

Tiffin carriers 

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