Saturday, June 18, 2016

Out and About (around Montpellier) - Pezanas

For $1.60 I take a one hour bus trip westwards, through wine county to Pezanas. This small town has two significant attractions, but I suspect most visitors either use it as a base for visiting the vineyards or browsing in the broquanteurs - the antique shops. Twice a year there is a bit of a fair and all the second-hand dealers set up stalls in the street. Now that would be worth a visit but it isn't happening any time soon unfortunately.

In the 16th and 17th centuries Pezenas was a great centre for theatre and travelling musicians. The French playwright Moliere lived here for a while.
 What a pleasure to stroll around the old town and its narrow lanes with little arty shops, galleries and cafes. Even though it is quite a touristy little place, the shops all close for lunch, perhaps a conspiracy to force us into restaurants. I sat in the courtyard of a grand old mansion and had a crepe with local cheese and jambon.

Wandering around today you can see some of the grand mansions and peer into stone-paved courtyards with grand staircases.

Something must have sunk into my mind when I read my guidebook to the Languedoc region, which is in French (of course). I found myself walking around taking photos of doorware - locks, hinges, mailboxes and knockers.

So when, late in the day, I actually came across the Museum of Doors, well, I can only say it made me quite excited. Spread out though a rabbit-warren of rooms on different levels, some man has collected and documented doors from many of the old houses in the town. Some are being restored, others are just being stored. . It is free, so that is an incentive.

So guess what happens now? I'm sharing the joy. Yes, you get to see some of my photos of doors.

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