Friday, April 8, 2016

Lazy Sunday in Istanbul - a photo essay

Gulhane Park is being prepared for an April festival and every day
the tides of tulips have spread. It is just stunning.

In the art library at the Istanbul Modern gallery,
there is a small lake of books hanging
from the ceiling on wires 

Maybe this goes some way to explaining why you hardly
hear any birds in Turkey. This is a cat hotel in a little
park. People bring food for them.

At the mosque this girl is posing for a photo shoot.
The camera girl waved me away but I got my shot.

Ladies area in the mosque - a small screened of partition
at the back

I love Turkiye 

Simit stand. Crusty circle of bread coated in
sesame seeds. Sold slip and spread with
either nutella or soft cheese

Ferries in constant movement on the Golden Horn. That skyline

Lines of hopeful men, but I didn't see any catches.
Galata bridge late afternoon

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