Monday, April 29, 2013

Noo York Noo York

The trip by shuttle from JFK was - hmmm, interesting. Not too different from Hanoi or Mumbai in some ways actaully. Pretty gritty. Grey wet Monday morning on broken-down freeways strewn with litter but still what a buzz to get the first veiw of that Manhattan skyline and then come over the bridge into a different world. A familiar one too from studying the maps so I felt right at home right away. The hotel had my room ready and the free buffet breakfast was still open which helped after a pretty uncomfortable 5-hour overnight flight from San Fran.

 Going easy on myself for the first day I walked up West Broadway to Washington Square Park (tulips getting battered by spring showers) and then back down Broadway itself via HM, Zara, Banana Republic, UniQlo, Converse, Crate & Barrel (the one with the Marimekko concept store inside) and a lovely french organic bakery. Whoo hoo - I do feel like I live here already. Will post some pics next time I hope.

BANANA REPUBLIC spring looks


  1. ooooo sooo jealous! All sounds amazing and I won't say - "have a great time" because of course you will be! Following you on THE MAP lol

  2. Six floors of fashion - and I can't believe that you can't find anything. You need help.....just give me a call....